No matter how bad it is

One of the key facets of the growth mindset is the ability to see problems as opportunities for change. In order to look past your current situation and see the possible benefits, you need to have perspective. Perspective allows you to take a step back and objectively assess a situation.

I spent most of last week down the shore cleaning up after Sandy – and it was truly a week where the growth mindset was needed. Everywhere you looked, lives had been ruined: houses destroyed, businesses wrecked. Food, gas, power, warm clothes and heat were all in short supply.


The homes of my family and many of my friends were heavily damaged – flooding and wind took a heavy toll in the area. We spent days sifting through a lifetime of possessions and memories that were going to wind up in the trash, trying to clean up and start again.

Despite all of the difficulties, most people were surprisingly upbeat.

Even when talking with people who lost it all, many had a positive mindset – the two phrases I kept hearing over and over were “It could have been worse” and “It can only get better from here.”

Those two phrases are very powerful for the Growth Mindset. Finding the upside to a situation, no matter the scale – a lost game, a fight with your spouse, losing your home – will be invaluable to moving forward.

Always keep your perspective – and when things get bad, remember: “It could have been worse” and “It can only get better from here.”